Featured No-Cost Publication – How to Search Self Teaching PowerPoint Series

A gift to the Centre for Search Research (CSR) from the estate of Frank Parker made this 'how to search' series of self-teaching modules possible. Additionally, the estate provided funding for the SAR Alliance website. The mission of the SAR Alliance is to foster the free exchange of SAR information and innovations. The word "free" is also inherent in the mission statement. These self-teaching modules and all information provided by the SAR Alliance are free. Free exchange and use are encouraged.

Includes: Introduction (13 sides); Introduction to Searching (17 slides); The Visual Process (41 slides); Night Vision (9 slides); Using Lights to Search at Night (8 slides); and Clue Awareness Practical (11 slides)

Includes: Searching Routes in Daylight (17 slides); Searching a Route in Daylight Practical (9 slides); Searching Routes at Night (10 slides); Searching Routes at Night Practical (9 slides); Critical Separation (10 slides); Critical Distance Demo (11 slides); Grid Searching (10 slides); and Purposeful Wandering (10 slides)

Includes: Group Searching and the Role of the Search Group Leader (10 slides); Six Step Process (7 slides); Sub Sectoring (7 slides); Find Site Management (7 slides); and Crime Scene Management (7 slides)

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SARI, Canada

Centre for Search Research, UK