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Welcome to ERI’s
Emergency Management Section

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The Goal:

The goal of emergency management is to develop and maintain an effective community program with capability to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from major threats to people, property and environment. Emergency management capability is the existence of plans, procedures, policies, training, and equipment necessary for response, and long-term community recovery and mitigation activities.


Training is an essential component of building emergency management capability. A successful emergency management program consists of capable people who know what to do and then do it. Knowing what to do is the key. One way to develop and sustain competence and capability is through training.


Exercises help improve the overall capability of the emergency management system. The fundamental goal of exercises is to improve operational readiness.  In support of that goal, exercises can:

If you don’t want to get ambushed, REHEARSE! REHEARSE! REHEARSE!

Best wishes for a safe, effective, and efficient program and response,

The ERI Staff