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Emergency Management


Authored by Rick LaValla, Charles Erwin.  

406 pages, illustrated, loose-leaf, 3-hole punched. Price $45.00.  Click here to download our order form in Microsoft Word.

Individuals do not respond to large emergencies and disaster....the entire community does!  Everyone gets involved.  In this publication all the basic tenets of community emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery are presented and examined.  Content is based on findings from Disaster Research. This is also the text that is used in a 40-hour course of the same name.

Chapters include: Philosophy, Concepts of Emergency Management; Blueprint for Community Emergency Management; The Emergency Manager, Job and Responsibilities; Designing a Local Emergency Management Committee; Conducting a Local Emergency Management Program Review; Lessons Learned from Disaster Research; Case Studies; Professionalism in Emergency Management; Hazard Analysis; Hazard Mitigation; Legal Issues and Trends;  Disaster Planning, the Process and the Document; Creating Interagency Cooperation and Coordination; Disaster Resources; Exercise Design;  External Influences; Emergency Preparedness Education; Direction and Control Organization; Communications and Warning; Technology; Incident Command System and On-Scene Management; Emergency Operations Center Management;  Evacuation; Psychological Issues and Trends; Disaster Assistance and Recovery;  Demobilization; Post Disaster Activities; Advice from Disaster Researchers.


Authored by Rick LaValla, Charles Erwin.

177 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, loose leaf, illustrated. Price:  $35.00.  Click here to download our order form in Microsoft Word.

Contains everything you will need to have an effective school disaster planning process, program, plan, and emergency procedures/checklists.  Extensive addendums on emergency action rules by type of emergency.  Addendum on home/family preparedness.  


Authored by Rick LaValla, Skip Stoffell, Jack Kartez, Bob Rudolph, and Lora Murphy

140 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, looseleaf, shrink wrapped. Price:  $35.00.  Click here to download our order form in Microsoft Word.

The development and maintenance of a community disaster planning process, plus writing and producing the plan, annexes, SOPs, encompasses twelve steps:

  1. Develop Your Process Action Plan
  2. Complete a Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
  3. Decide Who Can Help and Respond
  4. Obtain Executive Support
  5. Make A First Visit
  6. Draft The Basic Plan and Annexes
  7. Write SOPs
  8. Conduct The Long Interview
  9. Exercise The Plan
  10. Critique The Exercise(s)
  11. Finalize The Plan
  12. Maintain The Plan and Process

This workbook will lead you through these 12 planning steps. Each chapter (planning step) lists and describes the 'must do' tasks in order to complete a planning step. A series of 25 annexes describe the content and end products of the 25 key functional annexes (aka ESFs). As per federal guidelines (CPG 101) a jurisdiction can choose an EOP/CEMP format that will work best for them. This is a very helpful guide and workbook regardless of whether you use functional annexes or ESFs in your EOP/CEMP.


Click here to download our order form in Microsoft Word.

1.  Exercises:  A Research Review  

114 pages.  Price: $35.00.

Examines research conclusions to find the most important  principles and problems in exercising.  It reviews more than 60 simulation studies in the emergency field, and contains “how to” hints on state-of-the-art computer simulation.  

2.  Orientation and Tabletop Exercises  

64 pages.  Price:  $20.00.

Describes low-stress exercises to introduce new plans or  procedures.  Tells how to lead discussions and emphasizes teaching rather than testing.

3.  Operating Center Simulations  

86 pages.  Price:  $20.00.

Shows how to put players under stress with intense, fully simulated messages, maps, radios, and telephone transmissions, requiring decision making under pressure.  Offers a complete guide to scenarios, EOC design, map making, and evaluation.  

4.  Outside Disaster Drills

100 pages.  Price:  $20.00.

Provides exercises to test outside operations.  Describes message writing, moulage, site selection, funding, volunteers, communications, safety, and evaluation.  


Authored by Staff and Associates of ERI, 1991.  

186 pages, illustrated, 8 1/2 x 11, loose leaf, 3-hole punched, shrink wrap. Price:  $45.00.  Click here to download our order form in Microsoft Word.

Contains everything you will ever need to know about designing and presenting exercises. Designed as a student manual for a 40-hour course and can be used as an independent step-by-step workbook. The book describes and follows a 16-step exercise design process.

Content: Principles of Community Emergency Management; Assessing Exercise Needs; Purpose of an Exercise Program; Developing the Exercise; Developing Simulation Materials; Writing Scenarios, Objectives, Messages and Other Information; Who Must Be Involved; Logistics and Administration; Preparing for the Exercise; Starting the Exercise; After the Exercise; Preparing the Final Report, and lots more!

MANAGING MULTIORGANIZATIONAL EMERGENCY RESPONSES:  Emergent Search and Rescue Networks in Natural Disaster and Remote Area Setting

Authored by Dr. Tom Drabek, et al.  

292 pages, photos, charts, graphs. Price $25.00. Photocopy edition only.  Click here to download our order form in Microsoft Word.

This book is an important contribution to the disaster literature in at least two ways.  

The phenomena of search and rescue had not been systematically studied until now.  Six major disasters/emergencies plus wilderness SAR events are studied in detail.  Observations and conclusions are must know information for anyone involved with SAR/emergency response.


Authored by Dr. Tom Drabek

274 pages. Price $25.00.  Photocopy edition only.  Click here to download our order form in Microsoft Word.

This study examined the types of strategies used by local emergency management agency directors to maintain agency integrity and improve community preparedness.

Must reading for anyone wishing to improve their community’s emergency management program.