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ERI International, Inc.

4537 Foxhall Drive NE

Olympia WA 98516 USA

1.360.791.6397/ phone

1.360.493.0949 / fax

info@eri-intl.com / email

In partnership with

All Hands Consulting

ERI International, Inc.

Welcome to ERI

What We Do:

We provide comprehensive emergency management (mitigation, prevention, preparedness, response, recovery) consulting, planning, training, and exercises for governments, agencies, organizations, and corporations.

We provide search and rescue and emergency response training and services to responders, leaders, and managers ranging from small teams to large organizations.

We offer practitioner oriented publications and materials, many authored by us, at our bookstore and library.

Why We Do It:

Local governments and regions need to development and maintain a comprehensive emergency management, response and recovery capability.

Every emergency worker and manager, and every SAR responder, leader, and manager deserves quality and useful straight-forward tools and insights to effectively carry out their critical work in a safe and timely manner.

How We Do It:

Using our comprehensive assessment tools we listen to you to determine your needs (gap analysis).

We then offer you relevant planning, training and exercise services that are based on your needs based on state-of-the-art best practices and always grounded in practicality.  

We Look Forward to Hearing from You:

Please contact us when we can be of service or if you have questions; email works the best for us as we are often out of the office on assignments.

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